Forge Notes Part 2

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Forge notes are a new addition to the website.  They are composed of the fundamental steps to different forgings, showing an outline of the process, the tools used, and the finished piece.  I hope it will serve as a helpful reference.

Brent Bailey Forge presents the Racing Axe.  The axe is forged from 6150 and can be made up to 8 lbs with your edge grind.  Below are a few photos of the process.

After 12 years of forging with the same hammer (which I bought when I first started), it is worn out. I have replaced the handle twice, mig welded the face at least 10 times to repair cracks, applied electrical tape, and ground a 1/2" off the face due to scars. It started out at about 5 lbs, and now weighs in at about 4. It has helped to produce every piece that went from forge to anvil to finished product. The following photos are two new cross peins I made for me. One is S-7 with an Osage handle, 4 3/4 lbs, the other is 4340 fitted with a Lignum Vitae handle, at 5 lbs.

Above - Old Hammer top, new hammer bottom
New hammer
Another photo of new hammer
Steel for hammer, ready to heat
Squaring up the piece
Punching the hole
Finished punching
Drifting the eye
Finished forging

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