Northwind - Part 2

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Northwind's sixth stop.

Jim Masterson, Metal Museum

April 27, 2015

"Photo of a couple of guys in the shop."

Northwind's seventh stop.

Logan Hirsch
Weed, CA

May 15, 2015

Northwind's eighth stop.

James Viste, Edgewise Forge, Detroit, MI

June 24, 2015

"The scrolls in the attached (northwind 3) are a part of a railing recreation which is a small part of a garden restoration project for the the Charles Lang Freer house in Detroit. The railing is the first part of the restoration happening, it is a recreation of the railing in the attached image labeled (freer orig.jpg). This railing (I'm sure originally of cast components) has been M.I.A since @ 1918 suspected to have been harvested for the ww1 war effort. It was at the steps to the entrance of the Freer "peacock room" a part of his home that was built to house a room purchased by Freer from its original owner in England which had been controversially painted by James McNeill Whistler. The full story on the peacock room is worth looking up. The peacock room is now part of the Freer art gallery of the Smithsonian in D.C. The "peacock railing" is going to be replaced (forged and fabricated components to match the original style) back into its original site as funding for the rest of the Garden Project is raised and stonework is repaired/replaced. It currently looks as it does in current peacock room.jpg."

Northwind's ninth stop.

Brad Nichols, La Crosse, WI

June 26th – July 16th

"The hammer came to me while I was in the early stages of a commissioned project. It was a wonderful experience to use someone else’s hammer/design to complete the work. Eight blacksmiths wielded the hammer before me. Some I know well and others I have never met. The Northwind’s project reminded me how we as artists are connected through our craft."

Northwind's tenth stop.

Eric A. Ryser
5717 Elbo Shore Dr.
Manhattan, KS 66502

August 22, 2015

"So the NW hammer came to me from Brad Nichols in WI, I am currently in the middle of two projects and a small commission job, and gearing up for a solo non-ferrous show in January, the hammer had a nice weight to it and a little different than what I normally use, due to fact I am working on smaller materials I starting raising some 1/8" copper for some new vessel work, I couldn't get the hammer to do what I wanted so I ended up putting the hammer in a vise and using it as planishing/forming stake, this proved to work wonderful due to the fact the hammer had somewhat of a flat polished face, my old trusty other Brent Bailey round face hammer was then used to move the copper in all four directions, Image 6 is a new piece I finished while using the hammer and Image 7 is an example of a finished plate I was working on for the Penland auction with several different variations of this particular pattern in process."

Northwind's eleventh stop.

John Rais
Shelburne, Massachusetts

Northwind's twelfth stop.

Maegan Crowley
Dolores, Colorado

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