Owner, Brent Bailey Metalworks & Tool Co.


Relevant Studies & Demonstrations

1998-One week study under tutorial of Ray Robinson, Laurel Machine & Foundry, Laurel Mississippi.

1999 -Two week study under tutorial of Master Bladesmith, Chris Marks (Breaux Bridge Louisiana).

2001-Three months demonstrating ornamental techniques, toolmaking, and pattern welded steel in Zimbabwe at the Silveira House. Also received a Certificate of Completion for the Blacksmithing course taught in the Appropriate Technology Department.

2002-Demonstrated Traditional Blacksmithing techniques on two separate occasions for the California State University, Chico Art Department.

2003-Demonstrator at the California Blacksmith Association Annual Conference. (Hanford, Ca.)

2003-Guest demonstrator for Hot Iron Muster. (Logan Village, Australia)

2004-Demonstrator for 3 day repousse toolmaking workshop. (Springfield, Washington. Don Kemper)

2004-Demonstrator for 4 days at Assabet Valley Vocational School. (Boston, Mass).

2004-Demonstrator for the 1st International Blacksmithing Seminar, Peru.

2005-March 26th-April 10th, Peru, 2nd International Blacksmithing Seminar(demonstrator)

2004 California Blacksmith Association, Spring Conference.  Demonstrator
2005 UMBA Conference, Pontiac, Illinois. Demonstrator.
2005 California Blacksmith Association, Petaluma.  Demonstrator.
2005 3rd International Blacksmithing Seminar.  Peru.
2005 Houston Area Blacksmith Association. Toolmaking Workshop, Houston.  Demonstrator.
2005  North Texas Blacksmith Association.  Historical Perspective.  Demonstrator.

2006 Feb-March. Cape Town, South Africa. Consultant/trainer & Honorary trustee, The Blacksmith Workshop Non-Profit Blacksmith Training Center.

2006 March-April. Lima, Cusco, Puira, Peru. 4th Seminario Internacional de Herreria.

2006 Demonstrator - 2006 ABANA conference, Seattle, Washington.
Abana Gallery 2

2006 Hot Iron Muster. Queensland, Australia. Demonstrator.

2007 March-April. Sixth International Blacksmithing Seminar, Peru.
2007 April 26th-29th. Demonstrator.  California Blacksmithing Conference, Ferndale, Ca.

2007 August 25, Instructor, Penland Craft School

2007 Demonstrator - September, Peru

2008 Peru, Blacksmith Training Seminar #8, April-May

2008 Rocky Mountain Smiths Conference, August 6-10th 2008, Demonstrator.

2008 Penland, Concentration Class, Toolmaking, September-November, Instructor.

2008 Peru, Blacksmith Training Seminar #9, November-December.

2009 Demonstrator, Utah, January 9-11

2009 Demonstrator, Waynes World V California, February 27 - March 1

2009 Nov-Dec, Blacksmithing Seminar, Peru.

2010 November 18th-December 5th, Peru. International Blacksmithing Seminar.

2011 February, Demonstrator for SWABA, Las Cruces, NM

2011 March, International Blacksmithing Seminar, Peru

2011 May, Tanzania & Keyna

2011 August, Western States Conference,  Vendor

2011 September, Tanzania

2011 October, Saltfork Craftsman Conference, Demonstrator.

2011 October, Sporting Club of the Pacific Event, Maui.

2011 November-December, Peru, International Blacksmithing Seminar

2012 February, International Blacksmithing Seminar, Peru.

2012 Demonstrator, NWBA Fall Conference, Enumclaw, WA.

2013 Demonstrator, Metal Museum, Memphis Tennessee.

2013 September, Adams Forge, Instructor-Hammer Making.