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Bailey Driving Hammer

12 oz Farriers Driving Hammer.  Forged.

Price:  $155

Farriers Rounding Hammer

Title: The Horse

This rounding hammer is made specifically for farriers. Forged and sculpted to capture the essence of horseshoeing. Offered in various weights. Specify handle length.

Price: $185

Farriers Cross Pein

A great hammer for the Farrier or Blacksmith. Optimum at 2 - 3 lbs. with a longer handle.

Price: $135 (3 lbs. & under)

Hemisphere Rounding Hammer

Forged in various weights, fully polished, fitted with a 19" rectangular shaped handle.

Price: $160

Farriers Classic Rounding Hammer

Classic Style, forged in various weight. Especially made for farriers, comes fully polished with 19" rectangular handle.

Price: $160

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