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Bailey Cross Pein

This is a solid hammer and performs best in weights between 2 1/2 - 4 lbs. I can provide a shorter or longer handle.

Price: $135 (4 lbs. and under)


This hammer concludes a one year experiment to create a forging hammer for myself.  It is a cross pein, 4 3/4 lbs in total weight, 12 7/8" in length.  The hickory handle is carved and robust.  The balance releases power and moves steel.  I believe it makes more sense to begin with more weight and work your way down, you can always choke up on the handle, which is why it's designed shorter.  After a while you'll be wielding the Hammer with ease and command.

Price:  $135


2 1/2 lb cross pein. A standard in every shop.

Price: $80

All Around Hammer

1 1/2 lb Cross Pein. This hammer is exactly what the name implies, a good all around hammer. Perfect for smaller forgings or bench work.

Price: $60

Octaball Hammer
Rounding Hammer. I really like the looks of this hammer. Available in various weights up to 4 lbs.

Price: $145

The Beast

4 1/2 lb Double Faced hammer. One face slightly radiused, the other more rounded. Handle is short and robust. Give The Beast a try.

Price: $135

Las Palmas

The head style and handle of this hammer compliment one another very well. It's the same hammer I've been using in Peru the last few years. The handle offers a variety of grips you'll enjoy.

Price: $145

Aspery Modified

A few years ago I sold a hammer to Mark Aspery which I titled The Bailey Cross Pein. Some time later, Mark contacted me with modifications to that hammer, more front weighted, a flatter pein, and tapering from the face to the back end. So we collaborated, the hammer was built, and the Aspery Modified was born.

Price:  $135 (anything under 4 lbs.)

Classic Rounding Hammer

This is a classically styled rounding hammer. I've given it a little bit longer handle with an oval profile. It'll get the steel moving! Bottle opener included.

Price: $135 (under 4 lbs)

Modified New Style

I forged this hammer wanting an alternative to the traditional pein (cross or ball). The pein of the Modified can be used for spreading or drawing material. The face has a very slight crown with radiused corners.

Price: $135 (4 lbs. & under)

Rise Hammer
A unique straight pein hammer for general forging. Available in various weights up to 4 lbs.

Price: $145

Divided Straight Pein

Brother to the Divided Cross Pein.  Choose your weight.

Price:  $135 (up to 4 lbs)

Haft Style Forging Hammer

The design for this hammer was inspired by the stone tools with hafted handles.

Price: $135 (4 lbs and under)

The Straight Pein

Here's the straight pein hammer you've been looking for. Forged, dressed, and ready to shape hot steel.

Price: $125 (4 lbs & under)

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