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Hammers - Shaping

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Integration Hammer

Excellent shaping/forming hammer combining two different working ends. Unparalleled for ornamental work.

Price: $135

Santas Helper

Comes in weights of 2 1/2 - 3 lbs. Great for ornamental forging.

Price: $135

Decorative Blacksmith Hammer

I forged and designed this hammer specifically for decorative work, leaves, flowers, small scrolls, or raising.

Price: $135 (available in weights under 3 lbs.)

The Blimp

A Brent Bailey Forge exclusive. I'll offer this style up to 4 lbs. The balance is exceptional.

Price:  $140

#8 Hammer

Why the name #8 ? It's because I imagine that number when I look at this hammer.  Tapered hickory handle.  Forged.

Price:  $135

The Ball Pein

No shop or toolbox should be without the ball pein hammer. It's great for lighter forging or using with small punches and chisels.

Price: $125 (3 lbs and under)


Newly Styled Chasing Hammer. Available in various weights. Forged.

Price: $145

AH Style Chasing Hammer

Square faced, elegantly faceted chasing hammer. Various weights.

Price: $145


Straight Pein/Cross Pein hammer. 2.5 - 3 lbs, 14" handle.

Price:  $135


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